International Arts & Media (IAM) is a non-profit foundation established by Rory Kaye in Sweden in 1988.

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Who we are:

Our Board of Directors: Jukka Palomäki, John Samuel, Treasurer Kristina Säfström, Secretary Susanne Tuomisalo, honorary member Ambassador Claes Hammar and Chairman Rory Kaye.

We are blessed with supporting associations in the U.S., Finland and Norway and more than 1,000 co-workers and volunteers in 20 countries.

Our CEO is Rory Kaye. He has served God in 75 countries during 47 years, travelling with Israeli, Swedish and American passports. Raised in New York City, Rory received instruction in Judaism in the world’s largest synagogue, Temple Emanuel.

In synagogues around the world, it is his privilege as a ‘kohane’ (priestly descendant of Aaron), to bless the people, read the Scripture of the week and share from the Torah and Prophets. Among his own people and teaching worldwide, Rory encourages people to trust in God’s Word, love one another and to discover and fulfil His plan for their lives.

What we do:

  • Proclaim ‘I am who I am‘ internationally via TV, music, film, radio, internet, etc.
  • Teach God’s promises to Israel, including the new covenant.
  • Encourage faith to believe God’s promises to:
  • 1) put Torah (teaching) into our mind & heart,
  • 2) be our God & to make us His people,
  • 3) know Him,
  • 4) be merciful to us and forget our sins!
  • Demonstrate God’s love through caring for orphans & widows, healings & prophecy.
  • Rescue children from garbage dumps risking kidnapping, sex slavery & organ removal.
  • Coordinate an ‘Exodus’ network of 100+ planes & pilots ready to rescue Jewish people in case of persecution or disaster.
  • Equip leaders worldwide in their callings.

Rory Kaye: “I began to get to know God in 1976 and have come to love and trust Him totally.”

Rory was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1955. Kathryn Kuhlman prophesied to his father, a nationally known radio host, about his son’s prophetic and apostolic callings. Rory grew up in New York City, attending the world’s largest synagogue.

Rory will soon be 68 with four grandchildren and six children aged 23-36. He has dedicated his life to serving God and helping others since 1976, after seeing his stepfather miraculously healed and receiving the signs that he’d asked from God.

He has resided in Sweden, Israel and the US and has all three passports. He is a fifth-generation descendant of the Prince of Kiev through his stepfather, a former Mayor of Dublin on his father’s side and a Supreme Court Justice in Warsaw, Poland on his Mom’s side.

Rory performed with an international dance and drama company in the 1980’s in 28 nations in the lead role of ‘Toymaker & Son’ for 150+ million people on tv and more than 100,000 in live performances. He released his first live song album four years ago. It is called Blessed by God performed at a concert house beside a Norwegian Fjord. He has sung in 50 countries and written worship songs sung by millions today. He is an Honorary Dr. of Divinity and the Founder & CEO of IAM, the International Arts & Media Charitable Foundation since 1988.

He is also the co-founder of the International Destiny Center and Talent Research Center in Sweden. He has been or is an advisor to the Embassy of God, University of Life, University of the Family, King’s Kids International, Women’s Aglow, YWAM and the Revival Movement among Military Officers of the former Soviet Union.

Rory’s daily and weekly TV shows are viewed in five languages: English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian and Norwegian. His teachings on apostolic and prophetic ministry, spiritual maturity, the New Covenant and the Aaronic blessing are included in the world’s largest discipling and leadership training school, ISOM, the International School of Ministry, led by Dr. Berin Gillfillan, Reinhardt Bonnke’s former tv producer.

In his ministry, many have given their lives to God, hundreds have had documented healings and three people have been raised from the dead in the name of the Lord.
He has prophesied to 20 heads of State including five Israeli Prime Ministers and three US Presidents: Bill Clinton, Barak Obama and Donald Trump. In 1999, he passed on to the White House information from God that Osama bin-Laden was masterminding the collapse of both World Trade Center buildings in September 2001, intending to crash hijacked airplanes into each tower. Briefly meeting Bill Clinton 10 years later, Rory gave him a second message from the Lord: “Your wife will need your comfort in 2016 when she will run for President, win the popular vote by far, but lose the electoral vote and the election.”

In Israel, Rory has had accurate prophecies for Prime Ministers Bibi Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak and Yitzhak Rabin, who he told two weeks before his death how it would happen and that it could be avoided by turning to God and asking His protection. Sadly, P.M. Rabin didn’t think that he needed God’s protection and died unnecessarily.

After an angelic visitation in 1994, an ‘Exodus’ network has been established with 100+ airplanes and as many pilots on call, ready to airlift former-Soviet Jews to Israel when persecution forces them to flee.

Rory is a father in the Lord for some very godly leaders in the former Soviet Union, India, Israel and Tanzania, who altogether oversee nearly a half million disciples in more than 3,000 congregations. Ministering in 75 countries to date, he currently serves or has been part of revivals in the former Soviet Union, India, Uganda and Tanzania, where he recently helped two Massai tribes, who had been at war with each other for 25 years, to make peace.

Together with co-author Peter Strand, Rory has written several books to facilitate practical obedience to God, such as “100 Conversation Starters to Help You Share Your Faith” found on Amazon.com, etc.

Rory has also co-written legislation in use in many American states concerning protection of the environment through recycling as well as legislation promoting cyber-security protection and cyber-crime resolution. He has been co-Chairman for the Center for Peace and Interfaith Understanding in Jerusalem and has shared security ideas in use in Israel today.

His recommendations for corporate tax rebates and refunds for companies successfully cooperating in cyber-security investigations have been honored by both New York FBI Director and the former FBI national cyber-security Chief.