International Artists & Media (IAM) is a non-profit Trust established by Rory Kaye in Sweden in 1988.

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Who we are:

Our Board of Directors: Kristina Säfström, Juhani Hörtsänä, Satu Mäkilä, treasurer Jukka Palomäki, secretary Håkan Rydenblom, honorary member Ambassador Claes Hammar & chairman Rory Kaye

We are blessed with supporting associations in the U.S., Finland and Norway and more than 1,000 co-workers & volunteers in 20 countries.

Our CEO is Rory Kaye. He has served G_d in 70 countries during 42 years, travelling with Israeli, Swedish and American passports. Raised in New York City, Rory received instruction in Judaism in the world’s largest synagogue, Temple Emanuel.

In synagogues around the world it is his privilege as a ‘kohane’ (priestly descendant of Aaron), to bless the people, read the Scripture of the week and share from the Prophets. Among his own people and teaching worldwide, Rory encourages people to trust in G_d’s Word, love one another and to discover and fulfil His plan for their lives.

What we do:

  • Proclaim ’I am who I am’ internationally live and via TV, music, film, radio, internet, etc.
  • Teach His promises to Israel, including the new covenant established by the Messiah.
  • Encourage faith to believe G_d’s promises to:       1) put Torah (teaching) into our mind & heart, 2) be our G_d & to make us His people,       3) know Him,                                                4) be merciful to us and forget our sins!
  • Demonstrate God’s love through caring for orphans & widows, healings & prophecy.
  • Rescue children from garbage dumps risking kidnapping, sex slavery & organ removal.
  • Coordinate an ‘Exodus’ network of 100+ planes & pilots ready to rescue Jewish people in case of persecution or disaster.
  • Equip leaders worldwide in their callings.