• International artists & media (I am) is a global non-profit charitable organization founded by Rory Kaye in Sweden in 1988.

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Who we are:

Our international Board of Directors consists of Chairman Rory Kaye, Treasurer Jukka Palomäki, Secretary Håkan Rydenblom, Vice-Treasurer Kristina Säfström, Juhani Hörtsana, Satu Mäkela, Susanne Tuomisalo and honorary members Bengt Palmquist and Swedish Ambassador Claes Hammar.

Rory Kaye is our CEO. With Israeli, Swedish and American passports, he has served God in 70 countries during more than 40 years. Raised in Manhattan, New York, Rory received his instruction in Judaism in the world’s largest synagogue there, Temple Emanuel. As a ‘kohane’ (Jewish priestly descendant of Aaron, Moses’ brother), he has the privilege to read the Scriptures of the week in synagogues around the world. At the conclusion of each service, he is invited to speak freely from the Prophets. God’s plan for His Kingdom to be established on earth through the Messiah and His Spirit  filling all people who repent and believe is explained.

We are blessed with hundreds of co-workers & volunteers in 17 countries.

What we do:

  • Proclaim this great news of God’s kingdom wherever it is unknown.
  • Teach the new covenant: 1) God’s Spirit enables us to receive & obey His instructions, 2) become His children, 3) know Him, 4) be forgiven & know that God forgets our sins!
  • Demonstrate God’s love through caring for orphans & widows as well as by miracles, healings & prophecy.
  • Establish congregations of disciples.
  • Equip leaders worldwide both personally & through conferences.
  • Spread God’s Word through film, music, TV, radio, bibles, etc.
  • ‘Exodus’ network of 100+ planes & pilots to rescue Jews & others from persecution, disasters & starvation.
  • Rescue children from kidnapping, sex slavery, organ harvesting, etc