International Arts & Media (IAM) is a global Christian non-profit organization based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We are financially supported by contributions from friends and partners of the ministry.

Who we are

IAM was founded in 1988 by Pastor Rory & Gunilla Kaye. Rory Kaye was born as a Jew, a direct lineal descendant of Aaron, in New York. After studies Rory became a successful businessman and his world revolved around money. Year 1976 Rory became a believer in Christ after hearing God speak to him and his world changed. He went to YWAM disciple school (DTS) in Amsterdam where he met his wife Gunilla. 1985 they moved to Gothenburg, where they still live today with their six children.

Rory Kaye is the senior pastor, chairman of the board and heart of IAM ministry. He travels worldwide teaching and presenting the Gospel. God has put on his heart to increase fellowship between all Christians, mentor pastors and elders of congregations and equip young disciples.

What we do

We are called to

  • present the Gospel to the unreached nations in God’s love and strength
  • establish congregations of disciples, who know and execute their calling
  • encourage and equip worldwide those who serve in all five functions (Ephesians 4:11-12)
  • spread God’s Word through movies, TV, radio, bible distribution etc.
  • practice compassion and organize “Exodus II” operations in places of war, persecution and catastrophe.

What has happened


  • IAM was founded
  • Churches founded among Chilean and Persian refugees in Gothenburg.
  • Prophetic evangelizing and teaching in the Nordic countries.


  • Seven churches founded among Jews, Muslims and atheists in former Soviet Union IAM hosted three international leaders conferences in Russia and one in Israel.
  • The place where Israelites crossed the Red Sea, Sodom and Gomorra investigated and documented.
  • Offices/contacts established in Sweden, Belarus, Finland, Russia and Uzbekistan.


  • Nine new churches founded in former Soviet Union and Middle Asia.
  • Five new offices/contacts established in Russian, Ukraine and Georgia.


  • Congregations in former Soviet Union plant eleven new churches by themselves.
  • Developing communications department.
  • Destiny House Fellowship founded.
  • Churches planted in Sweden, Uganda, Nigeria and Finland.
  • Offices/contacts established in Russia, Norway, USA and Israel.
  • Prophetic meetings with leaders of churches and of countries in several nations.
  • Healing ministry develops.